Iglesia de la AsunciónArt Observatory.
This new cultural equipment will talk about one of the most identifying signs of this Trasmiera region: the trasmiera artists, a social group that turned into one of the greatest modern age Spanish architects, since there was entire towns dedicated to the quarry, sculpture, etc…

They worked in Cantabria building churches, bridges, typical houses, mills, altarpieces, bells….
They also worked outside this land, specially in Castilla and Andalucia, always proving their good art and performance.

Through a didactic and attractive exposition you will get to know some of the most important works that these artist left us in Arnuero and some other places in Trasmiera.
ImageMemory Observatory.
The creation of this new equipment in the “escuelas de castillo” allow us to bring back this territory collective memory, telling us about
it’s people and their most representative identity sings. It will be a metaphoric trip with the famous plane pilot Hedilla, through the castle and the surrounding towns.
It will try to show how our ancestors used to live and how from this rural frame came out exceptional characters, pioneers of a change that didn’t take long to arrive to this Trasmiera land. It will be a trip in which we’ll look at the past to recognize the present.
El observatorio de la MareaTide Observtory.
The Santa Olaja mill seeks to bring back it’s value as a reference point in the municipal social and economic history, without forgetting it’s value as a patrimonial resource. For this reason it was raised a general rehabilitation of the mill and it’s environment that guaranties it’s conservation and affect it’s divulging, didactic and attractive character.
It was raised a general and faithful recuperation of the architectonic elements and the machinery, and a valuation based on the visitor interpretation through scenery and audiovisual representation so the visitor can get to understand how it worked, how the miller who attended it lived, and how the man was related to the salt marsh.
Get to know our patrimony and our history and legends, dare to visit our towers and churches, get carried away by our singular people magic... get closer to our past.

This is the trip we propose through the visit to the display equipmentwhich with a didactic and attractive planning we have developed so the visitor get to know our culture.


This displays are designed as reference points that look and reflect the trasmiera ecopark and for that reason we have baptize it with the name of Observatories.